Meet Steve

As a current Councilman in my eighth year of serving, I am prepared and ready to take on the challenging position of Mayor. Even before taking office, I was engaged in the community, serving on many boards and commissions which prepared me for office. I have found the key to success is to become engaged, stay engaged, always be accessible, and always follow through, no matter the outcome. I understand the value of being consistent, genuine, and true to your beliefs with courage to speak out - and then to stand by your convictions. The highest compliment I have ever received is to hear someone say that I am genuine, and that they trust me. I am running because I feel like each person in Commerce City matters, and they deserve to have what everyone else might take for granted – the best that life has to offer.

Advocating for You

I want to see working families get a better “shake” in life because I can see that the middle class is under attack. I also want our residents who are people from other countries to know that they belong here. Feeling safe and secure creates the ability to thrive. I want all of our residents to feel like they can thrive living in our city. All people living here should realize the opportunity for a quality life, not just some, but everyone. I also want people to see that together we’re better, so really getting everyone to see we’re more alike than we realize will open doors for the people of our city that we never knew were there.

Air Quality Concerns

As a Public Servant, I have made sure to not only have a presence in the community, but to listen to the concerns of my constituents. Knowing that our air quality is an F-rating, it doesn’t surprise me to find that a common thread is respiratory and health issues. Being who I am, I can’t turn a blind eye. No matter how much we have accomplished in providing amenities, it means nothing if the air we all share and need to survive is no longer breathable.

Preparing for the Future

First and foremost, we have to acknowledge that the future has to be GREEN or there is no future! This means we have to do the work now. The technology age is coming fast, and local government is where this transition can happen because we are closest to the people. As Mayor, I will strive to partner with workers, businesses that put workers first, and other policy makers on all levels to make this critical transition a reality.


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